Cesaro Wants Vince McMahon To Get Cancer - WWE Star Hacked On Twitter?

Cesaro's Twitter account makes outrageous comments.

Cesaro has apparently wished cancer upon Vince McMahon. The WWE superstar appears to have taken to Twitter and expressed desperate frustration with his lack of a push in the company. This is a developing story and at this stage it is possible that Cesaro has been hacked. It is truly an outrageous thing to wish cancer on anyone. On the other hand, maybe Cesaro has quite simply lost it with WWE's terrible booking of his character. His tweets-
You know what? I'm sick of Vince McMahon and his bulls*it. I don't even get a chance to get the tag titles with Kidd now. I hope that old man gets cancer, I would of been one of the best for sure in the WWE. But that old washed up has been has no idea. I lack charisma? Yeah right I'm the Swiss superman everybody cheered for me at WM. This company is a piece of s*it.
These tweets have now been deleted. The user later tweeted that it wasn't Cesaro tweeting; but those tweets have been deleted as well. By the looks of things, a third party has accessed the account and said things based upon their perception of WWE wasting Cesaro's talent. If this actually was Cesaro, it is pretty safe to say he's fired. Even if it is a hack, he could still face repercussions if he has failed to look after security on his Twitter account. Combined with the hack on Seth Rollins' Twitter last Monday, this incident raises serious questions about WWE Superstars and the use of social media. Further security and responsibility is essential. WWE superstars are public figures and representing the company. Whether it is intentional or a hack, incidents like this reflect terribly on the WWE. Although the cancer comment was bang out of order, the comments about Cesaro being wasted are absolutely true. He's one of the very best wrestlers on the planet and it is a shame to see him buried in short tag matches. However, the way to address this with WWE is not by hacking a social media account.
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