Chyna Begs For WWE Return Whilst Holding Golden Penis

Former wrestler now porn star Chyna, whilst holding a golden penis award for her latest sex film, has posted a…

Matt Holmes


Former wrestler now porn star Chyna, whilst holding a golden penis award for her latest sex film, has posted a video online once again begging Vince McMahon to give her one last run in the WWE. In the video posted on Friday night she questions why McMahon won’t take her back like he has other former wrestlers, all the while looking completely oblivious that one of the major reasons is probably because of how low she has let her image go that she is now proud of a golden penis award.

You can watch the video here and read the comments below;

Chyna says;

“All this time I thought that they understood what was happening. I know they thought I quit. There was a contract up I wasn’t happy with. The truth is, they let me go and I never heard from WWE since,”

This is in regards to her 2001 departure from the company, exactly ten years to the month, when Chyna was looking for a top pay deal in the company equilivant to that of the top guys. WWE called her bluff and told her they wouldn’t renew her contract and she was gone.

Chyna reveals her recent letter begging for a return is not the first she has sent;

“I recently reached out to Vince McMahon. Well, not recently, many times, but more recent, before Vivid offered me a deal. I wanted to see, “Can I get one more hurrah for my fans? Can I go back? Why have you accepted all these other people back: Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Ric Flair. All these people. Why not me? What did I do that was so bad to you that you can’t do business and have me back?”

Yes, she really did compare her stature in the business to that of Hogan, Hart and Flair. I don’t remember either of them winning a Golden cock award.

And lastly she takes credit for paving the way for the current Divas;

“I do believe that I’ve paved the way for all women in the WWE Universe and I just have to say, if I do come back, they better look out,”

And that she thinks there’s money in Chyna wrestling “the biggest Diva in WWE, Vince McMahon, I’d lay smackdown on his ass!”

With the WWE now PG-13, there is no place for a porn star woman’s wrestler, not to mention that they don’t hire people her age in that division anymore, that her attitude stunk in the last year she was in the company and that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H won’t want to work with her.