Close-Up Look At The Fiend's Chilling New Lantern

The Fiend carried a lit-up version of Wyatt's severed head at last night's WWE SummerSlam PPV.

Bray Wyatt Lantern

We can all agree that the in-ring debut of Bray Wyatt’s new Fiend persona at last night’s WWE SummerSlam was all kinds of impressive. Oh, and sinister. Yep, definitely, definitely hugely sinister.

The whole Fiend shtick was eerie on so many different levels at WWE’s annual summer extravaganza, but one of the most jaw-dropping elements of the overall Fiend package was Bray Wyatt’s new lantern.

As The Eater of Worlds made his chills-inducing way to the ring, there was initial confusion as to what was happening, the music, what he was wearing, what he was holding – and then there was the realisation that, yes, The Fiend’s lantern was essentially the decapitated head of Bray Wyatt.

Now, a closer look at this brilliant-yet-disturbing lamp has surfaced online.

There’s Wyatt’s elongated mouth, there’s Wyatt’s eyes stitched shut, and there’s the clever incorporating of the lantern’s handle into Wyatt's hair – and this all leads to an end result that is enough to scare the sh*t out of even the most ardent of horror hounds!

Famously, Tom Savini and his team created the creepy mask of The Fiend, and this new lantern looks as if it could easily have been pulled – much like the mask – from one of the classic horror movies Savini has worked on throughout his legendary career.

For those who missed the SummerSlam show, The Fiend would easily dispatch of Finn Balor within only a few minutes thanks to the Mandible Claw.

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