CM Punk: What Happened WWE Chicago Raw (And What Does The Future Hold?)

What Happened To CM Punk?

Here€™s what we know. We know sometime after the Royal Rumble on January 26th and sometime before RAW went on air on January 27th, CM Punk walked out. We know Punk sent out a final, cryptic tweet on January 27th that read, €œThanks for all the support. Keep being you guys, it€™s pretty cool.€ We know the WWE removed him from televised event graphics, we know they didn€™t mention him in any way, and we know they didn€™t release him. We also know, thanks to Vince McMahon, that Punk is taking a sabbatical. What does all this mean? Well, the issues may not have begun at the Royal Rumble, but it certainly appears as though they culminated there. Punk€™s contract is up in July, and rumors have it he wanted to main event Wrestlemania once before he retired. It was also reported almost a year ago that he was penciled in as the winner for the 2014 Royal Rumble. Yes, we€™re starting to speculate now€”something I don€™t normally love to do€”but when you consider his appearance at Wizard World in Portland, it was obvious that he was somewhat frustrated by Batista coming back and being thrust into the championship match at Wrestlemania. He also went on to say he thought it was Daniel Bryan€™s time, and that perhaps he was being held back. So let€™s piece this together. Suppose that Punk either had a promise from the WWE, or something built into his contract that stated he would win the Royal Rumble and go on to main event Wrestlemania. Suppose sometime in the months prior to the Rumble that the WWE decided to change things around on him. Would this be enough of a catalyst for him to leave? Yes, this is conjecture, but it€™s also conjecture that makes sense. If the WWE either made a promise or breached their contract with CM Punk, what recourse did he have to enact change? If more wrestlers refused to work after the WWE broke promises or contractual obligations, this would force the WWE to either stop making promises they can€™t keep, or keep the ones they do make. But in the current state of things, the company rules, and the talent just has to go along for the ride. Maybe, just maybe, Punk realized that this time, he could in fact enact change by sitting on his couch. Or maybe he€™s just fed up with the WWE€™s mishandling of not only his character, but countless others. In my experience, when you look at a situation and find it difficult to assess blame, chances are there€™s more than one party to blame. I feel the same here. I don€™t think this is entirely Punk€™s fault, nor the WWE€™s. It€™s just a shame that the only ones who pay for it are the fans. So what now? Let€™s cover one last thing.

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