CM Punk Shoots On WWE & All Elite Wrestling

Could he eventually return to the squared circle?

Cm Punk

CM Punk thinks WWE isn't the end-all, be-all, disputes Cody Rhodes' claim he offered him the opportunity to work All In, and may eventually return to wrestling, according to an interview with

Ahead of his MMA commentary debut in December at the Cage Fury Fighting Championships, Punk spoke to Marc Raimondi to discuss Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks starting their own promotion or going to WWE, saying:-

"I think at this point that whatever those guys decide to do will be great for them and their families...we live in a time now where WWE is not the end-all, be-all...enough people have been there and left that can extoll the knowledge of, 'Hey, you know what, the place ain't all that.'"

Punk continued that they could command their price if they went there, but that they'd just be another guy, concluding, "It's amazing, the more time the show gets, the less time it really seems they develop new characters."

Raimondi quizzed Punk on his contact with Cody and whether he'd play a role in All Elite Wrestling, and although he responded that pro wrestling isn't on his radar, he continued:-

"I would always listen...I know Cody was out there in the media saying that an offer was made (for All In), an offer was not made. Calling me up or texting me saying, 'Hey, if you want to come to the show and do something, we would love that', is not an offer."

Finally, Punk stated that once he was truly free of legal issues he wanted to explore the world, just float, hang out, and do all kinds of stuff. This may well be wishful thinking, but it sounds like he may be relaxing his stance on returning to day.

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