CM Punk To Feature On Bruce Prichard WWE Network Finale

Extensive discussion planned on 'Voice Of The Voiceless'

CM Punk Money In The Bank

Former WWE Champion CM Punk will be the sole focus for Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson as the pair close out the first season of Something Else To Wrestle in explosive fashion.

Just weeks removed from Punk's courtroom victory over company medic Dr Chris Amann, 'The Straight Edge Superstar' will have the early years of his WWE tenure examined by podcast pair, focusing specifically on his 2005 debut in Ohio Valley Wrestling through to his 2008 ECW Championship stint shortly before Prichard himself exited the organisation.

After early teething troubles due mostly to technical issues and slightly indifferent use of the vast WWE archives to augment the chat, the Network adaptation of the podcast smash hit has become one of the more enjoyable regular Network productions. Episodes on John Cena, Vince Russo, The Undertaker and even AJ Styles' TNA tenure strayed from WWE's typically turgid character preservation, with Thompson and Prichard deploying their array of in-jokes and sideways references at the expense some of the company's biggest power players seemingly without fear of reprisal.

There has yet to be confirmation of a second season, but Something To Wrestle will continue in weekly podcast form regardless of if it gets renewed on the Network. The Wrestling Observer has reported strong numbers for certain episodes, with the show usually outranking most of the historical content elsewhere on the service.

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