Cody Fuels AEW WarGames Speculation With "The Match Beyond" Trademark

Are AEW heading towards their own version of the classic match concept?

Cody War Games

Following on from yesterday's report that AEW had filed a trademark application for "All Elite Wrestling Blood And Guts," Cody has done the same for the phrase "The Match Beyond" for "entertainment purposes," hinting, once again, that the promotion are heading towards their take on the WarGames match format.

Cody's first big tease of this came on the 6 November episode of AEW Dynamite. During a promo to hype his Full Gear match with Chris Jericho, he cited a "Match Beyond, and we will eat you alive."

The Match Beyond is the final phase in the original WarGames format.

Interesting timing, given that WWE's take on the format goes down with this Saturday's NXT TakeOver event, though a bout between Chris Jericho's Inner Circle and a Cody-led faction of Elite-affiliated babyfaces could work well.

AEW have also announced the return of Bash at the Beach as a nine-day fan festival. How are they able to use these old WCW names? Because, as pointed out by Wrestling Inc., Cody owns these trademarks, along with "The American Dream," "Battlebowl," and a number of others, having claimed in March that he wanted to reclaim some of his father's old properties.

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