Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks Plan To Run 10,000-Seater Show In 2018

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Cody Rhodes The Elite

An off-hand bet between Cody Rhodes and Dave Meltzer has taken on new life with images appearing last weekend of Rhodes, The Young Bucks and Marty Scurll on 'scouting mission' to potentially see the idea through in 2018. have reported that venues in Chicago, London, San Francisco and Ontario California have all been considered as the place to try and smash Ring Of Honor's all-time attendance record.

Earlier this year, Dave Meltzer tweeted that ROH couldn't achieve the 10,000 figure 'any time soon', triggering a reply from Cody that he'd 'take that bet'.

No official deal is currently in place between the Bullet Club members and Ring Of Honor to run the show, but a co-promotion could be the most sensible financing option for both parties. Rhodes' dedication to the cause alongside his healthy monetary investment could convince the ordinarily prudent ROH management to take the punt.

Should the building sell out for what would surely be a stacked card, the number would nearly treble their previous record, set earlier this year at Supercard of Honor XI.

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