Could Jon Moxley LEAVE NJPW In January 2020?

Exclusive update on the IWGP United States Champion's NJPW contract.


Jon Moxley hit New Japan Pro Wrestling like a bomb on June 5, capturing Juice Robinson’s IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship in an acclaimed debut match, immediately becoming one of the promotion’s top foreign stars in the process.

It was later revealed that the ‘Purveyor of Violence’ had signed a deal allowing him to compete freely in Japan, though his existing AEW contract prevented him from working United States states for NJPW. We now know the length of that deal.

Per Sports Illustrated, Mox’s NJPW contract runs through next year’s Wrestle Kingdom 14 event - a two-night affair taking place on 4 and 5 January 2020.

If accurate, this would presumably mean that Moxley only signed an initial six-month deal with NJPW. With June bringing reports that the former Dean Ambrose has a one-year opt-out clause in his AEW contract, this makes sense for a man who has taken control of his own destiny since leaving WWE, despite his immediate Japanese success.

Moxley finished this year’s G1 Climax with a 5-4 record, having gone undefeated in his first five bouts, and is currently set to face Robinson in a trilogy-completing United States Title rematch.

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