Davey Boy Smith Jr Still Wanted By Police Over Jake Roberts Battery Charge

British Bulldog's son in hot water

Davey Boy Smith Jake Roberts

Confirmed by the Wrestling Observer after days of speculation following initial charges, Harry 'Davey Boy' Smith remains in police crosshairs following his bizarre confrontation with Jake 'The Snake' Roberts at New Orleans' WrestleCon during WrestleMania weekend.

Clarifying reports that he'd hurled hot coffee in the face of the former WWE star, Smith admitted in an interview with WrestleZone later that day that he'd been incensed with comments Roberts had made about his father on various podcasts, as well as his refusal to talk openly about the situation during the fan festival.

Police initially tried to track Smith via his independent dates that weekend, but ultimately left him to travel back to Japan to continue working for NJPW.

Roberts filed the charges after claiming to need medical attention following the attack, though no record existed of him following up with any local facilities on the alleged damage.

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