Diamond Dallas Page Officially Confirmed For WWE Hall Of Fame 2017

The Hall is about to feel...the...BANG!

Diamond Dallas Page Spring Stampede 1999

In a move that is at least a few years overdue, WWE has announced that Diamond Dallas Page will be entering the Hall of Fame this upcoming WrestleMania weekend.

The company broke the news through RollingStone.com (which is always strange when WWE claims other news organizations break their news, but we'll go with it) and published a lengthy press release highlighting Page's unique journey through the business.

Page didn't start in wrestling until his mid 30s, and originally broke in as a manager. He traveled from the AWA to WCW, and then began training to get into the ring. After languishing in the midcard for a few years, he finally broke out with a big feud against Randy Savage. From that point on, Page became a star and was one of the most beloved babyfaces in the company during Nitro's peak.

Outside of wrestling (I'm going to skip past his WWE career, as it's too depressing to think about at the moment), he created the DDP Yoga program, which he claims has made him more money than wrestling ever did. But more importantly, many lives have been changed (even saved) because of it, most notably Scott Hall and Jake Roberts.

With so many wrestlers leaving the business in shambles, Page is one of the greatest post-retirement success stories that wrestling has ever seen. It's a bit strange that it took the company this long to induct him, but it's great to see he'll soon be enshrined.

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