Did WWE Turn Down The Elite Vs New Day Match?

Surely not.

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Kenny Omega has hinted that WWE may have turned its nose up at the offer of an inter-promotional match between The New Day and The Elite.

Commenting on the scarcity of mainstream wrestling crossover in today's era, the NJPW star told ESPN that he "really tried" to make it happen after conceiving the idea last year.

"I thought I could make everyone a lot of money," Omega explained. "I thought it would just be great for fans because there are things that are lacking on both sides of the fence."

He went on, "I thought that would really bridge the gap and give the fans something really cool and something to be excited about, and then at the end of the day it would also be real fun."

No detail is provided on why the match wasn't given the green light, although one can probably take an educated guess at Vince McMahon's reaction to the invitation.

If WWE does ever sanction its employees stepping into another promotion's ring, chances are the Young Bucks - who make up two-thirds of The Elite - won't be involved.

Back on planet earth, there's still the opportunity to see Chris Jericho clash with the aforementioned Omega at tomorrow's Wrestle Kingdom 12.

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