Did You REALLY Pay Attention To Last Night's WWE Raw?

Challenging all "viewers".


What an episode of Monday Night Raw. The three-nights-after Super Showdown show ended up being quite the entertaining piece of pro wrestling. With WWE Evolution and Crown Jewel both respectively multiple weeks away, Vince and the boys did a very good job keeping investment up for both upcoming events.

In the same night, we witnessed Lita return to the side of Trish Stratus to set an amazing 2006 tag team match (featuring Alexa Bliss), Bobby Lashley lose his mind and essentially double turn with Kevin Owens, and Dean Ambrose finally walk out on his Shield brethren. Oh, and this other little thing happened - Shawn Michaels' eight year+ retirement is coming to a grinding halt so he can rehash a match straight out of 1997.

Ok, maybe the DX vs. Brothers of Destruction stuff isn't the best, but aside from that, Raw provided quite the entertaining show for our Monday night. But how well did everyone actually pay attention to this week's edition? Any eagle-eyed viewers who think they know the ins- and outs- of this week, we have only one simple request for you:

Prove it.

1. Which Wrestler Was The First To Come Out To The Ring?


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