Does Luke Harper Have Backstage WWE Heat With Braun Strowman?

A big WrestleMania 35 incident may have led to Harper's exile.

Luke Harper Braun Strowman

WWE exile Luke Harper's name can't escape the headlines at the moment, and his saga continues with a new Fightful report detailing one of the situations that led to Vince McMahon's apparent hatred of the former Bludgeon Brother.

WrestleMania 35 created much of Harper's heat. Per Fightful, the 39-year-old raised management's ire by taking issue with Braun Strowman's Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal performance. As was previously reported, 'The Monster Among Men' forgot a number of spots in the bout, including one that saw him recklessly throw Ali from the ring, resulting in Harper injuring himself while trying to catch the former Cruiserweight.

The situation worsened when Strowman apparently decided that he hadn't done anything wrong afterwards, leading to the reported heat between the two.

A failed dark match pitting Harper against EC3 (with manager Drake Maverick) was previously pinpointed as the reason behind Harper's exodus, but Fightful have countered this, stating that Vince had already decided he hated Harper by that point.

Dave Meltzer had previously reported that Strowman's battle royal screw-ups were the reason he didn't do much on television in WrestleMania's immediate aftermath, but at least he's on TV. Poor old Harper may not feature again before his contract expires next year.

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