Dolph Ziggler Wins WWE United States Title At Clash Of Champions 2017

'The Show-Off' claims gold in Boston.

Dolph Ziggler United States Title

Dolph Ziggler captured the WWE United States Title after winning a Triple Threat with Bobby Roode and champion Baron Corbin at last night's Clash Of Champions pay-per-view.

His victory came from a manic finish that saw Roode hit 'The Show-Off' with his Glorious DDT finisher, only to be pulled out of the ring by Corbin, who hit a chokebreaker on the outside. 'The Lone Wolf' rolled Bobby back inside and went for the End Of Days, but Ziggler ambushed him mid-move: his Zig Zag came out of nowhere, and the pinfall was elementary.

Dolph is now a two-time United States Champion. His last reign came back in 2011, when he held the gold for six months after defeating Kofi Kingston at June's Capitol Punishment PPV, before dropping it to Zack Ryder in December. This is his first WWE singles title win since October 2016, when he took The Miz's Intercontinental Championship.

Corbin vs. Ziggler vs. Roode suffered from a repetitive build, but turned out to be one of Clash Of Champions' most enjoyable bouts, with the trio working a frantic pace throughout. Highlights can be viewed below:-

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