Dudley Boyz Upset With Harper & Rowan For Using 3D Finisher On WWE Raw

It could all be part of a storyline too!

On last night's Raw, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan defeated the Los Matadores with the 3D (Dudley Death Drop) finishing move that The Dudley Boyz made famous. The move got a big reaction from the New Orleans crowd with "3D" screamed by attendees but despite this, the announcers awkwardly referred to the move as "The Way". Harper & Rowan have been using the move for a few weeks now, but last night was the first time they have used it on television. Apparently the move upset the Dudley Boyz' members Bubba Ray and Devon who were quick to take to social media to voice their disgust; https://twitter.com/LukeHarperWWE/status/608119068328001537 Devon replied with his classic line of "Oh my brother...testify!" Bubba fired back at Harper wondering if WWE would set it up; https://twitter.com/REALBully5150/status/608120797027303424 In another tweet to a fan, Bubba made a comment that suggests this could be the start of a storyline to bring the Dudley Boys back to WWE: "I love it when true 'marks' like you get caught...hook, line and sinker. Stick to what you're best at...being a bottom feeder." The feud would make a lot of sense as a way to bring back the Dudley Boyz to WWE. Bubba Ray was in the Royal Rumble this year and received a huge ovation from the Philadelphia crowd, but was never used again. The team hasn't had a match in WWE since they were released a decade ago. After stints in Japan as as well as TNA, these days they work some indy shows while also running a wrestling school in Florida.
When we ran a poll about whether WWE should bring back the Dudley Boyz, 96% of the fans voted yes. Do you think it's legit heat from the Dudleys or just part of some storyline? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbEUGA8q6nU
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