Dusty Rhodes's 10 Greatest Legacies

The American Dream left an indelible impression on the business that he spent his whole life in.


The term ‘legend’ is thrown around all too freely these days, but Dusty Rhodes was a bona fide legend. A three time world champion. The most successful wrestling ever in Florida in the era of territorial wrestling. A successful booker and a great creative wrestling mind. The father to two modern day superstars. A mentor to past and present developmental wrestlers in NXT. Dusty Rhodes was many things to many people. He crossed the generations, beloved by fans of all ages and his untimely passing has shocked the wrestling world, even making the mainstream news websites.

I was lucky enough to see Dusty Rhodes wrestle live just the once, in April 2000 at ECW Cyberslam 2000 when he lost clean to Steve Corino. Seeing the man up close and personal in the tiny ECW Arena was a huge learning experience for me. He made every single movement, every gesture, and everything he did mean something. He had a connection with people that, to paraphrase one of his NXT proteges, Enzo Amore, you can’t teach.

Within hours of his passing, it was clear just how many people and how many lives Dusty Rhodes touched. Here, we look at the top ten legacies that Dusty Rhodes has left with the wrestling business after his death.


Dean Ayass is a well known name to British wrestling fans. A commentator, manager, booker and ring announcer who has been involved in the business since 1993, Dean's insight into the business is second to none.