Enzo Amore And Joey Janela In Reported Fight At Blink 182 Concert

All the brawl things.

Enzo Amore Joey Janela

A number of Tweets circulated on social media yesterday told of an apparent fist-fight between current AEW star Joey Janela and former WWE Cruiserweight Champ-turned-bad-rapper Enzo Amore at a Blink 182 concert.

Apparently, Janela introduced himself to Amore at the punk rock gig, to which Amore dismissively responded, "Oh, really?" Tensions inevitably escalated, resulting in a brawl which Janela described as "the worst fist fight ever."

Supposedly, Enzo clocked The Bad Boy in the face.

After the fact, both men continued their spat on Twitter, with "nZo" stating he wouldn't have been able to pick Janela out of a line up and that the pair "aint friends." To his credit, Janela largely resisted rising to Enzo's bait:

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Editorial Team

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