Enzo Amore Comments On Neville's "Crazy" WWE Travel Schedule

Was Neville the hardest working man in WWE?

Neville WWE

Not only did WWE potentially lose one of their best all-round performers when Neville walked out of the company in October, but also perhaps their hardest working, most dedicated professional.

This is according to current Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore, who was interviewed by The Sun this weekend. Calling his predecessor "one of my favourite pros in the business," 'The Realest Guy In The Room' showered the former 'King Of The Cruiserweights' with praise, claiming that he has "never seen a guy work like he does."

Enzo called the 205 Live schedule "the hardest in pro wrestling," as those in the lighter weight class are expected to work from Friday all the way through to Tuesday. He added that while other wrestlers would catch flights immediately after Raw, Neville was already on the road to the next time, and added that he'd love to feud with the Englishman if he ever comes back.

The champ also complimented Neville's in-ring ability, comparing him favourably to the legendary Dynamite Kid, and stating that he "might move better than anyone has ever moved in a ring." He, like many fans, is desperate for 'The King' to return.

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