Enzo Amore Won't Face Criminal Charges For Sexual Assault

Former WWE star plans return to the ring.

Enzo Amore

Eric 'Enzo Amore' Arndt today broke his self-imposed social media silence to tweet a letter from his legal counsel, which suggests the Phoenix Police Department will not be charging the performer with any crimes related to sexual assault allegations made against him this past January.

The letter states that the authorities found insufficient evidence to support the complainant's assertions, and that consequently the case would be considered closed. A representative of Phoenix PD (speaking with Pro Wrestling Sheets) affirmed the veracity of Arndt's statement, but noted that the case could be re-opened should new evidence come to the surface.

Arndt was dumped by WWE at the start of the year after failing to make the investigation clear to his employers, despite being adamant with regards to his innocence. The final part of the Twitter statement notes that the former 'Smacktalker Skywalker' is "working diligently towards his next venture in the entertainment industry," and is "looking forward to reconnecting with his fans." Having been entirely exonerated, there's a slim possibility doors in Stamford could be re-opened to Amore, though the public nature of the 'scandal' and the unjustly acquired taint it has left could prove dissuading in the near-term.

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