Erick Rowan Posts Sister Abigail Photo On Twitter

The former Wyatt Family member ignites speculation ahead of Backlash.

Erick Rowan

Erick Rowan's career has undergone a mini-resurgence since he returned in April. After playing a supporting role in the last few weeks of Bray Wyatt's feud with Randy Orton, the gas mask-wearing powerhouse scored a big victory over former partner Luke Harper on last week's SmackDown, and will face him again at Backlash this weekend.

Rowan has also made good use of social media lately. It started when former Wyatt Family man used Twitter to release a series of unsettling hype videos ahead of his return, and continued when he posted this creepy picture a few hours after this week's SmackDown:-

Fans have since speculated that the sheep mask-clad subject is Sister Abigail, who has been part of Wyatt Family lore since their inception, but has never manifested as an onscreen presence. Burning Abigail's burial site was the catalyst for Randy Orton's turn on Bray Wyatt, however, and Rowan is still stinging from his group's dissolution, using Harper's "betrayal" of Bray as justification for their rematch.

Does Rowan's tweet mean Abigail is finally going to come to life, or is he just playing mind games? Regardless of what happens, Erick has succeeded in getting people talking about him.

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