Every Confirmed Men's WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Entrant So Far

Who has declared themselves for Phoenix's 30-man melee?


The Royal Rumble might be just over three weeks away, but already over half a dozen names have put their names in the proverbial big hat for a shot at WrestleMania glory, whether gunning down absentee Brock Lesnar's Universal strap or hunting (he won't like that) Daniel Bryan's WWE belt.

There is no real consistency with how names are announced for the Rumble. Those lower on the food chain seem forced to jump through hoops for a place in the event, whilst others with more self-regard simply go ahead and declare their involvement. It makes you wonder what all the no-hopers at the bottom of the card are doing by not immediately populating the places with social media announcements. After all, it's probably the biggest opportunity they'll get all year to earn a tilt at either of the titles.

Obviously, as we approach the date of the show in Phoenix, WWE - or the superstars themselves - will confirm more participants for the annual 30-man over-the-top-rope rumpus. We've gathered everybody in it so far here, along with our thoughts on their chances - and we'll keep it updated as more names emerge.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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