Every Confirmed Women's WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Entrant So Far

How many debutantes will the second Women's Rumble feature?


That the WWE's second Women's Royal Rumble is about to roll around as if it's nothing at all is somehow way more historic than the pomp and circumstance which surrounded the inaugural event.

Sure, it had to start somewhere, and that was always going to be a momentous occasion in its own right, but it could just have easily been a false dawn, a bit of easy publicity to support a company PR campaign which, over the past twelve months, has occasionally been highlighted as somewhat hollow. Saudi Arabia, anyone?

But it wasn't, and twelve months on, we're all talking and writing about the women's Royal Rumble as though it's been a regular fixture for years. This is the true point of the 'women's evolution' - not to continuously 'make history' by othering female talents' achievements, but for parity to reach a point of mundanity.

Who knows, someday we'll stop making the distinction, and complain about it all equally?

At the moment, WWE's women's division is nothing to complain about; it's arguably the finest thing going in the company. And that means the second Rumble needn't be filled with blasts from the past in an attempt to make it relevant.

So far, it isn't. This isn't history. It's normality.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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