Every WWE 24/7 Title Change From The Raw Reunion

Mick Foley never got his hands on it.

Gerald Brisco Pat Patterson

Is the 24/7 championship the best thing going in WWE right now? We argued this point a few weeks back when it was still in its relative infancy, and although it's a very, very low bar, based on last night's heavily-hyped Raw Reunion, it continues to hold firm.

For the most part, the presumably well-remunerated legends were earning money for old rope last night, going through the motions, standing around, or literally not bothering to turn up, in the case of Sid. Precisely zero contributed anything beyond embarrassing and undermining the current crop - Seth Rollins in particular emerged looking like a desperate wannabe on the sidelines of the big DX circle jerk. That's WWE's top guy.

This didn't apply to the select few deemed comedic enough for inclusion in the night's 24/7 shenanigans (old people, women, Ted DiBiase). Ironically, despite being bantered off to the irony output, their collective contribution added way more to the show than, say, Sgt. Slaughter looking at Sami Zayn.

On the night, the title swapped hands nine times - and not once did Mick Foley manage to get his mitts back on the belt he unveiled some weeks ago. But we did see the oldest ever WWE champion crowned.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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