Every WWE Champion Of The 2000s Ranked From Worst To Best

18. Batista


"Big Dave" Batista is one of those guys who's more linked with the world heavyweight championship (or the big gold belt, as we'll call it from here on) than he is the default belt in WWE. Whether it was on RAW or SmackDown, Big Kahuna Burger Dave was usually on the brand that had the big gold belt rather than the spinner, so the former is what he chased and held most of the time.

Still, in 2009, when he was on the RAW brand he feuded with Randy Orton over the WWE Championship, and at Extreme Rules, he defeated the Viper in a cage match to win the spinner belt for the first time in his career. Hooray!

He then vacated the title two days later after an injury angle with Orton and Legacy. Boo-ray.

It turns out that Batista needed time off for surgery due to a torn triceps. Despite WWE knowing this well in advance, they still booked Big Brother VIP Dave to win the title, fearing that if he came up short again in a title match, it would hurt his drawing power.

Given how the title soon went back to Orton, the fact that Big Bad Wolf Dave held the title for a mere two days is just a weird historical footnote.

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