Every WWE Champion Of The 2000s Ranked From Worst To Best

17. Sheamus


So, you've got a guy like Sheamus: tall, has a unique look, and a memorable set of power moves. Obviously, he was going to be someone Vince McMahon would be all over and push to the moon. Sure enough, months into his debut, Sheamus defeated John Cena at TLC 2009 to become the first-ever Irish WWE Champion. He would end up being the final champion of the decade as he went into 2010 holding the belt.

However, it was the way he won it and how he was booked afterward that doomed him to his spot on the list. Despite being portrayed as a powerful brawler, Sheamus in his feud with Cena was weak and cowardly, winning the title in a fluke during a tables match (the stipulation most prone to flukes: just ask Big Show and Becky Lynch). Afterward, Sheamus was treated as a background paper champion while guys like Cena and Orton were the real top stars on RAW.

Ultimately, Sheamus wouldn't have a successful title defense on PPV (only winning his match to Orton via DQ at the Royal Rumble) before losing his belt in the Elimination Chamber weeks later. It would set the tone for the underwhelming title reigns that were to come for the Celtic Warrior.

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