Every WWE Champion Of The 2000s Ranked From Worst To Best

With a new millennium came what seemed like 2000 different title reigns.


In the 1990s, WWE began the shift from the their world title being the main defining symbol of its top star to being more of a prop in storylines. In the 2000s, this shift was ramped up in a big way, as quick title changes and transitional reigns became more and more common, the peak of this being in 2009, when the WWE Championship changed hands ten times.

Put simply, the 2000s were a very messy decade for WWE. Starting at the highest of highs in 2000, the company would go through severe talent and tonal shifts that left it in a much weaker state by 2009. Through that and the brand split bringing on a second title, the importance of the WWE Championship greatly diminished, leading to a lot of lackluster title reigns.

Still, with any bad comes some good, and whether it was as the globe belt or the shiny spinner, the WWE Championship was in the hands of a diverse group of superstars in the 2000s. Some made it a joke, while others made it their mission to keep it the greatest prize in professional wrestling.

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