Every WWE NXT Call-Up In 2017: Ranked From Worst To Best

Booms, busts, and everything in between.


WWE have completely reinvented the concept of a developmental territory with NXT, creating an environment that not only fosters and builds the next wave of wrestling talent, but a viable third brand with its own distinct identity.

It has provided the main roster with an efficient conveyor belt of new blood since its birth in 2012. The Performance Center is the sport's most effective finishing school, and NXT's weekly shows and TakeOver specials are invaluable in familiarising wrestlers with WWE's presentation style without throwing them in at the deep end. The system works, and while NXT success doesn't always translate to the main roster, WWE rarely stray from the format.

2017 has seen 12 wrestlers graduate from NXT to Raw or SmackDown, and while some have floundered, others are now among their brand's biggest stars. We've made a couple of omissions, though. Austin Aries didn't wrestle on the main roster until March 2017, but was called up as 205 Live's commentator in December, while The Singh Brothers wrestled on the cruiserweight show's debut episode the month prior. These renders them ineligible.

With that in mind, let's see how the others stack up.


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