Every WWE WrestleMania Women's Match - Ranked From Worst To Best

From the ridiculous to the sublime.


At WrestleMania 33, WWE will present two competitive Women's Title matches, as almost the entire collective rosters of both Raw and Smackdown Live! will feature in well-built matches battling to be genuine highlights of the sprawling event.

But as a WWE Network documentary almost certainly won't tell you, it wasn't always like this.

The schizophrenic history of women's wrestling within the company has seen WWE shoot for credibility via nudity and back again, with the current generation of workrate-heavy performers miraculously seeing beyond the flaws of the televised product they grew up on enough to chase their dreams of WrestleMania supremacy.

As 'The Showcase of the Immortals', a spot on the biggest wrestling card of the year preserves performances for generations, extolling the highs and exposing the long-hidden lows.

The good, bad and ugly of the division has all been on display at the 'Show of Shows', with WrestleMania 32's saccharine re-introduction of a Woman's Title representing far more than a shift away from the Divas butterfly belt.

From titanic title tangles to tepid titillation, here's every WWE WrestleMania women's match ranked from worst to best.


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