Exploring The Success Rate Of 7 WCW Ideas In WWE

WWE had no idea how to reinvent the nWo's original cool...

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Vince McMahon probably wouldn't thank you for suggesting that WWE have made a killing on borrowed ideas from WCW. After all, McMahon eventually put Ted Turner's operation out of business and systematically went about the task of convincing his audience that WCW had never been special to begin with.

Bill Goldberg? Pah, an over-rated flash in the pan. Monday Nitro? Subpar version of Monday Night Raw. The nWo? WWE did it better with D-Generation X. There have been flashes of respect thrown WCW's way over the years (even if those always seem begrudging), but the general spin is that Eric Bischoff used ex-WWE stars against the McMahon family and couldn't sustain his success when Vince fired back with something original.

How fitting then that McMahon has ignored originality since WCW went out of business in favour of recycling many Turner/Bischoff ideas. Look no further than the recently announced return of classic NWA/WCW ideas like Starrcade and War Games.

To the victor go the spoils, it seems. If WWE really believed WCW was that bad they wouldn't be repeating many of their ideas - especially when so many of them are mistakes.

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