Finn Bálor Teases AEW Move, Match With WWE Legend

Is Demon vs. Phenom on the cards?

Finn Balor Undertaker

Finn Bálor sent the internet into a little tizzy over the weekend with a pair of cheeky Tweets smartly designed to get lips flapping.

The first featured an image of Bálor peering out of the passenger seat onto a grassy verge beyond a fence, with the caption: "Grass is always greener... ":

Now, the Irishman may have been making a very literal comment on the verdant state of his surroundings, but many on Twitter took it idiomatically. Either Bálor was musing that certain scarf-wearing, list-making individuals think things will be better elsewhere, or else he was commenting on his own position in WWE.

Anyone who properly understand the expression "the grass is always greener on the other side" will gather this is not Bálor dreaming of a move away.

The Demon didn't rest his tapping fingers just there though, making an Instagram post which similarly got the web agog with excitement:

Firstly, top marks for Photoshop skills. Secondly, what's the suggestion here? A possible WrestleMania match between The Demon and The Phenom? Goodness me, can you imagine?

There's nothing concrete to Bálor's social media activity at present, and it's probable the generally dry superstar was just having a bit of craic, as it were. But boy does he know how to get people going, eh?

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