First 8 Wrestlers For WWE UK Championship Tournament Revealed

One of them's Mexican. Honest.

El Ligero Wwe Tournament

WWE have today announced the first eight names for their United Kingdom Championship Tournament (yes, that's right, "tournament"), set to take conclude at Kensington's hallowed Royal Albert Hall on 18 June.

Company regulars Jack Gallagher and Joseph Conners will be joined by Zack Gibson, Joe Coffey, Dave Mastiff, El Ligero, Amir Jordan, and Kenny Williams in making up half of the 16-strong contingent competing at June's Download Festival for a chance to appear in London's most revered indoor venue.

Liverpool-born Gibson put pen to paper with WWE this past March, whilst the company have been battling to tie up Coffey, Mastiff, and Ligero in recent weeks, in a bid to prevent them competing in ITV's World of Sport reboot. The British television network finished shooting the first series of their new show this past week.

Scot Williams made his WWE bow on this Tuesday's 205 Live, losing out in a four-way against TJP, Tyler Bate, and Kalisto. Flash Morgan Webster also appeared on the show - a big hint that he's likely to participate in June's tournament.

The winner of the bracket will face Pete Dunne for his UK Championship on WWE's second night in the Royal Albert Hall.

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