Former ECW Champion Justin Credible Arrested For 2nd Time In A Month

The 44-year-old's legal woes continue.

Justin Credible ECW

Former ECW Champion Justin Credible is back behind bars for the second time in a month, as reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet.

According to Connecticut state authorities, Credible was arrested in Waterbury, CT on Tuesday. He is currently being held oncharges of Misdemeanour 3rd Degree Assault, Misdemeanour Disorderly Conduct, and Felony Criminal Violation of a Restraining Order, with a $50,000 bond.

He last arrest came in August, when the 44-year-old was picked up for violating a protective order. He is now being held in the New Haven Correctional Center with a court date scheduled for 1 October, on which four separate arrests stemming back to 3 March 2017 will be dealt with.

Although Credible retired from wrestling back in 2015, he remains active on the fringes of the business, primarily through his I Hate This podcast on Blog Talk Radio. More recently, he has spent time promoting Credible - an upcoming documentary on his career.

Following his previous arrest, Credible told PWSheet that his name "will never be a negative headline again," touching on his battles with addiction, and "up and down" marriage. For the sake of him and those close to him, let's hope for a safe, peaceful resolution.

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