Former Mae Young Classic Competitor Set To Sign With WWE?

World Of Sport's Viper (AKA Piper Niven) is back on WWE's radar.

Piper Niven Viper Kayla Braxton

Former WWE Mae Young Classic competitor Piper Niven (who wrestles as Viper on the independent circuit and in World Of Sport) is expected to sign with Vince McMahon's promotion sometime in the coming months.

Per Dave Meltzer on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE will look at approaching the talented Scot when her current World Of Sport deal expires, though there's no word on a specific date.

All Elite Wrestling have also been eyeing Niven as a potential building block for their women's division. With only Britt Baker, Brandi Rhodes, and Penelope Ford signed so far, AEW are extremely short on numbers, so it makes sense that they'd go after a name talent like the 27-year-old, particularly given how volatile the labour market is at the moment.

Having made her name in ICW, Niven is now best known for her work in Japan's World Wonder Ring Stardom, where she's part of the Queen's Quest stable. She played a prominent role in WoS's first season, competing for the promotion's Women's Title on three occasions throughout the course of their televised run, though the brand's uncertain future means she'll probably sign elsewhere before long.

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