Former World Champion Wants WWE Return?

"The world would love to see it"

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According to a recent edition of his 'Heated Conversations' podcast, Booker T is contemplating a return to the ring, claiming he never really retired.

Whilst discussing his in-ring career, the WWE Hall of Famer stated that Harlem Heat has retired as a tag team but his body felt good at 53 years old, and that whilst he'd love to wrestle for his own Reality of Wrestling promotion, he'd have to consider performing at WrestleMania should the opportunity arise.

The five-time WCW Champion last competed in the squared circle in 2016 for PCW and said on the subject of a potential return:-

"I'm thinking about having perhaps another match, myself. I'm thinking about getting in the ring one more time. I never really said I was retired."

We've seen sensational comebacks from the likes of Goldberg and Kurt Angle in the past couple of years so it would certainly seem that WWE may be open to such a return should it suit them.

Booker went on to clarify that he doesn't necessarily miss wrestling but that he'd never say never to one more match, due to the fact that the world would love to see it.

You can hear his full comments in the video below...

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