The boyfriend of WWE Hall of Famer Sunny (Tammy Sytch) has caused some controversy across the web by posting a nude photograph of his girlfriend looking into a bathroom mirror, Friday night on his Facebook. Sytch was clearly visible in the photograph and undressed. The nude photo was quickly removed from the social media website where naked pictures don’t last very long, however the nude photo of Sunny is now circulating like wildfire online.

39-year-old Sytch has since denied that Damien Darling, the independent wrestler with whom she is in a relationship with, posted the nude photo of the former WWE Diva to the internet. She wrote yesterday on Facebook;

“To clear things up, it was not a nude pic of me… one boob and my elbow were off to the side of the frame.. I thought I was far enough out… it was completely accidental and promptly boyfriend DID NOT post a nude pic of me.”

In an oddly related story, Sunny decided to expose her breasts to the crowd during an independent wrestling event last weekend. She had accompanied Darling for a match against Harry Smith at the Family Wrestling Entertainment show in New York City on June 9th.

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This article was first posted on June 17, 2012