Former WWE Star In Sexual Harassment Allegation

Ex-wrestler ditched from Fox Nation segment after accusations.

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Fox Nation host George 'Tyrus' Murdoch, better know amongst wrestling fans as ex-WWE star Brodus Clay, has been kicked off his show after following a sexual harassment complaint tabled by co-host Britt McHenry.

The UN-PC anchor was sent home by his employers last week following a confrontation between himself and McHenry. The Daily Beast has today reported that the rift arose after Murdoch apparently sent sexually suggestive text messages to his co-star on numerous occasions.

Murdoch was moved to his own show, NUFFSAID, once Fox News execs. learned of the allegations.

At present, neither the parties involved nor Fox News have offered a statement on the incident.

It's also not clear whether the network disciplined Murdoch aside from cutting his position on UN-PC. Fox has weathered scrutiny towards talent regarding similar claims over the last few years. In 2017, anchor Bill O'Reilly was axed by Fox after he was implicated in a string of previously settled sexual harassment claims. Political commentator Eric Bolling resigned from the station the following year when he was accused of sending co-workers rude SMS messages.

Both denied the accusations levied against them.

At present, Murdoch remains under Fox's employment.

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