Former WWE Woman's Champion Lita Arrested

She was arrested last night for speeding and driving with a suspended license and has spent Saturday in jail.

Former four time WWE Woman's Champion & Diva Lita (real name Amy Dumas) was arrested last night for speeding and driving with a suspended license. She was arrested in Columbia County, Georgia and has spent Saturday in jail. It's not yet known if she has been released from prison yet but the jail bond was reportedly set at $2,200. Lita becomes the third member of Team Extreme to have had trouble with the law this year after the much publicised and all too frequent arrests of Jeff and Matt Hardy. There's also something to be said of a very strange trend happening in wrestling where a Diva is spoken of as perhaps being courted for a return only to perhaps go in some ways of breaking their chances by getting themselves arrested. The same thing happened with former Miss America Rima Fakih who appeared on this year's Tough Enough and had held talks with Triple H about finding a job with the company only to then be find herself in jail for driving over the alcohol limit. Lita retired from wrestling in late 2006 and has appeared very sporadically in the company in the five year since.

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