G1 Climax: Every Modern Final Ranked

This year's G1 final is gonna have a lot to live up to, as history shows.

New Japan World

NJPW's G1 Climax is just a few days away! We've been through one hell of a tournament, and with just a few shows left in the group stages, there's nine possible matches that have the potential to be the final.

Since 2012, New Japan has added a stipulation to the prestigious G1 tournament. What used to be simply a contest to determine the best wrestler in the company now has added stakes, as the winner gains the right to challenge the IWGP Heavyweight Champion at Wrestle Kingdom the following year. While some New Japan traditionalists have decried this change as taking away from the prestige of the tournament by changing its intent, this part of the G1 is an engrained aspect of watching and predicting for new fans of the promotion.

Six G1 finals have taken place during this new era of the tournament, and the results are what you would expect from a company going through a renaissance. Whatever final New Japan decides on for this year's G1, it's going to have to meet the standard of Match of the Year candidates and bouts that have broken Dave Meltzer's star rating system.

But which ones are the best? Which are merely above average? Let's find out.


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