Gallery: 10 Most Iconic Images In WWE SummerSlam History

Sensational shots from the 'Summer Spectacular'.


It's a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a hefty album of summer snaps will draw plaintive sighs of utter boredom.

But - and admittedly, I was paraphrasing slightly - what did Jane Austen know about photos from wrestling's summer jollies? Based on her oeuvre, precious little. Sure, she wrote a whole book about WWE's premier female Australian superstar Emma, but that hardly qualifies her to pass judgement.

Yes, most holiday highlight reels are dull beyond comprehension, but flick through WWE's considerable collection of SummerSlam snaps and you'll find it anything but.

With 30 years of history behind it, it's only natural that the company's second-biggest annual event has produced enough iconic images to fill an exhibit. But which are the most enduring impressions from the summer spectacle, National Geographic prize-worthy pictures that capture an historic moment in time absolutely perfectly?

The winning portfolio runs the whole gamut of emotions. There's ecstasy and there's agony. There's a powerful plundering, and a playful pasquinade. The framing includes both intense action and an awesome aerial capture. And, inevitably, there's at least one wedding photo - but it's far from traditional.

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