GFW's Application To Trademark Broken Matt Hardy Gimmick Rejected

Legal battle continues to drag on.

Broken Matt Hardy
Impact Wrestling

PWInsider has reported that an attempt by Global Force Wrestling to register trademarks on four "Broken Universe" names has been unsuccessful.

The company - also known by its previous name, TNA - reportedly applied for trademarks on "Broken Matt", "Brother Nero", "Broken Brilliance", and "Vanguard1".

But each of them were said to have been rejected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office following an initial review.

The first, "Broken Matt", was apparently turned down because of its similarity to "Broken Matt Hardy", a name already trademarked by Matt himself, who is now performing for WWE.

Attempts to claim ownership of the "Brother Nero" gimmick, meanwhile, are stalling because it could refer to a living person, Jeff, whose real middle name is Nero.

Finally, the meaning of the term "Broken Brilliance" has reportedly not been clarified, whilst "Vanguard1" is said to be in conflict with a "non-wrestling trademark".

Matt and Jeff Hardy departed Impact Wrestling earlier this year after spells of three and seven years with the company respectively.

They have since returned to their previous employers, WWE, where they are currently performing without the "Broken" guise they wore for much of last year.

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