Goldberg Told Vince McMahon The WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony "Sucks"

The former Universal Champion thinks the WWE Hall of Fame "needs to be changed".

Goldberg HOF

Besides making recent headlines for having his Twitter account hacked and threaten American President Donald Trump, newly crowned WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg has made another stir with strong remarks to Inside The Ropes regarding his induction ceremony in April.

There was excitement in the air leading up to Goldberg's appearance with the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame class, but the exhausting four-hour ceremony sucked the life out of the room before the legend even took to the stage. Goldberg said that the 2018 ceremony in New Orleans wasn't a "justice to the people being inducted", and the sluggish format of the evening wasn't "a justice to the fans that sit there for four hours".

"I don't care about what other people say or how they did it," Goldberg explained. "I'm telling you in my experience as a headliner in 2018 in the Hall Of Fame — it needs to be changed."

Goldberg claimed he aired his thoughts and grievances to Vince McMahon himself on how he felt the Hall of Fame event should unfold.

"I think it needs to be changed completely right up on its head," Goldberg explained. "It needs to be changed because it sucks."

Sitting out the rest of WrestleMania weekend was also bittersweet for Goldberg, as he compared it to "being on the sidelines when you can play", and making him feel like a "caged animal."

"I couldn't stand it just because I'm a competitive dude, and I don't sit backstage and watch people do their thing when I'm still capable of doing it."

Goldberg was blunt and upfront with his thoughts surrounding the events of the WWE Hall of Fame, but he was a bit more cautious when speaking about his possible in-ring future. While he stopped short to affirm he wasn't "asking for the match", Goldberg does admit if "the cards fell right" he wouldn't say no to a match with The Undertaker.

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