Goldberg Wants WWE Return To Face Roman Reigns Or The Undertaker

Does WCW legend have one more run in him?

Goldberg The Undertaker

Now retired WWE (and WCW) wrestler Goldberg says "never say never" when it comes to a return to the wrestling ring.

After a 12-year absence that saw him not wrestle a match between the years 2004 and 2016, Goldberg returned to destroy Brock Lesnar in a matter of seconds at Survivor Series 2016. He would later the Beast again, go on to win the Universal Title, but ultimately lose the championship in a rematch at WrestleMania 33 that ended his spectacular run.

He left the business with his head held high, his son proud he got to witness what the "Goldberg" character was all about and the WWE Universe got to see a run more deserving of the character he played than the terrible version he portrayed when he first worked with WWE.

During a recent interview with Digital Spy, Goldberg hinted that he might not be done yet.

Goldberg Lesnar Survivor Series 2016

When asked about whether or not The Undertaker should hang up his wrestling boots, Goldberg said that wasn't for him to decide; that's something The Undertaker himself has to be comfortable with and no one else can answer that question for him. It would be the same as asking someone else if Goldberg should retire and that only he, himself would know if he's ready to call it quits yet.

Goldberg was then asked about his reference to Roman Reigns during his Hall of Fame speech to which Goldberg replied, "Hey, Reigns and 'Taker are the two guys on my list right now. I mean, obviously for two different reasons, but I'd be honoured to get in the ring with either one of them. And I still owe Brock one, but I'm two-and-one on him, so it's all good."

Those comments sound a lot like Goldberg would heavily consider a return to WWE if asked. He did however admit, WWE has not asked as of yet.

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