Gran Metalik's WWE Raw Entrance Draws From Famous Inspiration

Power Rey-nger.

Power Rangers

Gran Metalik enjoyed the biggest singles match of his WWE career on last night's Monday Night Raw, lighting up the Madison Square Garden stage in an enjoyable offering with Rey Mysterio.

Maximising the minutes he was offered, Metalik entered in a credible performance with 'The Biggest Little Man' following his own return to form after a considering retirement in recent storylines.

A lucha exhibition for the rabid New York crowd ended when Mysterio hit a picture perfect frog splash, but began with Metalik sporting an audacious tribute to the Power Rangers, as spotted by Reddit user JoesusTBF (and elaborated upon in the subsequent thread).

You writer cannot pretend to be a fan of the gang (despite having a passing fancy in the original line-up bantering around with Bulk & Skull in the mid-1990s), but there's always space on for quality attire. This was most definitely that - Metalik's entrance gear featured several different lucha masks, much like the Ranger helmets on the original.

In the linked thread, other users explain the significance of the masks of the former Rangers - here's hoping a Metalik mega-fan identifies the hoods as fallen foes in his pre-WWE past.

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