Has Bray Wyatt 'Broken' Matt Hardy?

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A much-needed victory for a freewheeling Bray Wyatt may have back-doored the former WWE Champion into a huge angle to close out 2017. Was he the man to finally unleash #BROKEN Matt Hardy on the 'WWE Universe'?

Letting out screams of anguish following yet another solo defeat, Matt's cries of 'DELETE' resonated with the Monday Night Raw crowd enough for cameras to switch to sections of the crowd performing the famed gesture. Though so far only a hallmark of his TNA persona, WWE exhibited their usual subtlety in making sure that everybody picked up what they were putting down. "Are we witnessing the beginning of a Matt Hardy breakdown?", Michael Cole patronisingly posited.

Trapped in even more legal wrangling than another infamously ceased and desisted hand signal, the character appeared briefly during Matt and Jeff's first weeks back in the promotion earlier this year but has since been ignored. The loss to Bray is the first truly overt reference to the gimmick so far, just under a month before its trademark officially becomes up for grabs.

Matt Hardy

Wyatt himself was almost broken two months ago, with a planned appearance as Sister Abigail set to put a literal bow on his character's worst year ever before the real life Windham Rotunda was bailed out by a serious viral infection just before the show.

Barren of motivation on Monday Nights, Bray's sojourn into Hardy's 'Broken' universe could help both, at least until Matt's brother Jeff returns to pick a side. Given the choice of Bludgeon or Hardy, Bray's at least picked the right Brother unit to hitch his wagon to.

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