Has Matt Riddle Already Signed With WWE?

Dave Meltzer says yes...

WCPW Matt Riddle

Wrestling Observer chief Dave Meltzer posted on Twitter that Matt Riddle has already signed a three-year WWE contract.

Meltzer was responding to a fan question about the rumours, and he said that it's a done deal but "nobody is allowed to say" just yet.

Riddle himself has already revealed talks with both WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling in interviews. It looks like it's the former who will snag him though, and that's exciting for fans of NXT; realistically, that's where a performer like Matt Riddle will go first. He's a big enough indy name to make a splash there without drowning under the weight of expectations by leaping onto Raw or SmackDown too quickly.

Fans have already reacted to Meltzer's claim with a mixture of happiness and disappointment. Some would have preferred to see him tear it up in Japan, whereas others realise how big an opportunity this is for someone so unique.

Meltzer didn't expressly say this, but it seems like an official announcement from WWE on the former UFC fighter and Evolve Champion is imminent over the next few days.

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