High School Teen Arrested For Trying To RKO His Principal

Yes, this actually happened.

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The Miami Herald is reporting that an 18-year old high school student in Miami, Florida has been arrested for attempting to RKO his principal this past Wednesday.

Teenager Gianny Sosa of Southridge Senior High School was charged in court yesterday for battery on a school employee and interference with an educational institution. Defense attorney Roy Ugarte told The Herald that the incident is “hands down one of the most insane” he's ever heard of.

Principal Humberto Miret pressed charges after the attempted wrestling move, one used by WWE star Randy Orton on the promotion's SmackDown brand. Fans will be familiar with the finish and it's "Out Of Nowhere" qualities, but the law treated Sosa's attempted use of it very seriously.

Sosa was jailed and has a $750 bond for release, but he could be released any time. His family, who defended Gianny at the trial, said the stunt was a practical joke gone wrong, and said their son hadn't intended to harm Miret.

Video of the incident, provided by NBC's local affiliate in Miami, is available by following this link via Lords Of Pain.

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