Horror Movie Legend Created Kalisto's Bad-Ass WrestleMania 33 Mask

Tom Savini lent his particular set of skills to the masked man...

He might have been limited to a "meh" appearance in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WWE WrestleMania 33, but fans won't have missed the fact that Kalisto was wearing a new mask for the occasion that seemed to resemble an old Kane design.

The likeness is not entirely wrong, as both have hellish influences.

The mask - which featured a xenomorph-like stripped spine tail at the back of Kalisto's neck, was designed by horror movie legend - and the Godfather Of Gore - Tom Savini. He's a major fan of WWE, having previously worked on Triple H's entrance gear for WrestleMania 30 and briefly taking part in Jerry Lawler's 2010 revival of the Memphis Wrestling TV show to send monsters to get revenge on Lawler for the death of his friend Andy Kaufman. Wrestling is weird.

While his work this year was far more low-key, it was arguably even better than the excellent mask he made for Triple H. He created Kalisto's mask alongside artists Jason Baker and Jason Adams, proving once again why it's a travesty that it's a travesty he doesn't make more films. At least we've got his remake of Nightmare City to look forward to.

As a perk of his relationship with some of the superstars, Savini obviously also gets to hang about back-stage at local WWE live events...

If they could just get him to work on a horror film with them, we might get to actually see a WWE Studios movie worth watching.

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