In what will be seen as further proof that Hulk Hogan is set to return to WWE, he was reportedly backstage at WWE’s major network announcement in Las Vegas. The fact that Hogan was not used for interviews does however suggest that his contract is not yet fully signed off on. Other former legends such as Steve Austin spent considerable time being used for promotional purposes. There is a possibility that Hogan was in fact at the event to sit down with Vince McMahon afterwards and formally sign off on his Wrestlemania 30 appearance.

The Hulkster is said to have told friends earlier in the week that he would be at the Vegas conference. WWE was well aware he would be showing up backstage, and put the plans in to have him appear for a meeting. Hogan spent most of his time at the event hanging out with his good friend Paul ‘Big Show’ Wight. You can expect him to have spent considerable time behind closed doors with McMahon and Triple H, and his role at Mania was probably discussed. With any luck this deal is very close to getting done, if not already signed off on. Hulk Hogan’s WWE return is imminent.

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This article was first posted on January 9, 2014