Hulk Hogan Involved In Another Sex Tape Lawsuit

'The Hulkster' is heading back to the courtroom.

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Almost two years removed from successfully suing Gawker Media for $115 million over his notorious leaked sex tape, Hulk Hogan could soon find himself back in court over the same lewd video.

According to ABC Action News, 'The Hulkster' is currently in the process of suing Tampa radio personality Mike 'Cowhead' Calta, one of his coworkers, and station owners Cox Media for purportedly "stealing, disseminating, using, and exploiting illegally-recorded video."

The write-up states that the defendants asked judges to dismiss the case last week, but this was denied. They have reportedly refused to answer the allegations outlined in Hogan's complaint, though judges have ordered both to respond within the next 20 days, or face further action. Hogan claims that the tape has "ruined" his 35-year career in professional wrestling, and is suing for unspecified damages.

The video's contents saw Hulk cut by WWE back in July 2015. He won the initial court case, but the former wrestling icon is yet to mount a comeback.

'The Hulkster' has been continually linked with a WWE return since defeating Gawker, but this may now be off the cards again, particularly if this new case gathers steam in the media.

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